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                 Shenzhen jiahuijie technologies Co.,ltd is one of the leading test and measuring instruments provider in Asia relying on a stable supply of foreign channels. We carry a full range of used test equipment from manufacturers such as Advantest, Agilent / HP , Ando , Anritsu , Fluke , Keithley , Lecroy , Rohde & Schwarz and Tektronix. we have been providing high quality spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, service monitors, OTDR, and multimeters at great savings We provide test and measuring instruments services like sales & rental , remarketing ,repair and calibration.

          Manuafactor & Model:微冲561
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2009/5/12
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)8153A
Equipment's Name:lightwave multimeter mainframe 
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2017/1/3
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)8509C
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2008/8/13
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)8164A
Equipment's Name:Lightwave Measurement System
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2016/12/20
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)86060C
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2009/7/20
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)8163A
Equipment's Name:Lightwave Multimeter System
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2016/11/24
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)6033A
Equipment's Name:20V/30A DC POWER SUPPLY
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2011/11/5
          Manuafactor & Model:惠普(安捷伦)83483A
Equipment's Name:reconditioned 2 Channel 12.4 GHz - 20 GHz Electrical Plug-In 
Current Price:0RMB Month-Hire:0RMP
Create Date:2013/12/31

          Manuafactor & Model Equipment's Name Manual Image Stored Price
          Keysight N6756A High performance automatically adjust the dc power supply module   order quotation
          Keysight M9505A AXIe 5 slot chassis   order quotation
          Keysight N6715B Basic custom configuration of dc power analyzer   order quotation
          Keysight N6705B Dc power analyzer   order quotation
          Keysight B1500A Semiconductor device analyzer host   order quotation
          Keysight B2912A Precise power/measurement unit   order quotation
          Keysight B2902A Precise power/measurement unit   order quotation
          Keysight N5182B The radio frequency vector signal generator   order quotation
          Keysight N6777A Dc power supply module   order quotation
          Keysight N6766A Precise dc power supply module   order quotation
          Keysight N6765A Precise dc power supply module   order quotation
          Keysight E5260A 8 slot high speed measuring unit   order quotation
          Keysight N6763A Precise dc power supply module   order quotation
          Keysight E5262A 2 channel high-speed power monitoring unit   order quotation
          Keysight N6755A High performance automatically adjust the dc power supply module   order quotation

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